Kawai Hayao Prize for stories

Winners of the past

Kawai Hayao Prize for stories

Applicable Work for Winning the Prize

The prize is given to a superior literary work that creates a story that supports the psyche of the people.
Children’s literature that Hayao Kawai was deeply involved in is also applicable.

Selection Committee

Nahoko Uehashi Yoko Ogawa Miyuki Miyabe

Applicable Period

The selection is made once a year. The applicable work for selection is work that has been published/announced going back two years starting from March every year.
[The first selection was the two years from April 2011 to March 2013]


The official announcement of the selection results will be published in the magazine, The Thinker Summer Edition (scheduled to be published in July every year).
The candidate works are not made public.

Awards and Prize Money

A memento and prize money of 1 million yen