The logo of Kawai Hayao foundation

The logo of Kawai Hayao foundation was created by Mitsumasa Anno, an artist, bookbinder, and picture book author. Mr. Anno had a deep relationship with Hayao Kawai and has bound many of his writings.
The logo and Hayao Kawai were introduced in the essay Anno published on January 25, 2013 in the Asahi Weekly titled “It Was Great to Meet You.”

About us

Hayao Kawai started in Jungian psychology and became a leader in the field of clinical psychology. He also had a creative and diverse career in the fields of academics, culture, and the arts.
The Kawai Hayao Foundation, a general incorporated foundation, reflects the wishes of Hayao Kawai and was established for the purpose of enriching the lives of people today and contributing to the development of Japanese culture.
As the main order of business, we established two prizes centered on “stories” which formed the core and basis of the ideas and research by Hayao Kawai. We honor works that interpret a variety of different worlds and reflect dynamic stories of people as individuals.
We ask for your understanding and support regarding the activities of the Kawai Hayao Foundation in the future. Thank you very much.


Hayao Kawai did not limit himself to his specialty of clinical psychology, but conducted research into Japanese literature, children’s literature, picture books, mythology, and folklore, along with in-depth studies of music and musical plays. He maintained a constant spirit of inquiry for all cultures and ended his vital life of 79 years as Commissioner for Cultural Affairs. His life created culture, and his goal was to enrich the lives of people. Although he is no longer with us, we can follow his ideas through his many works, where we can see a glimpse of his life.